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Bottle: DA Signora Spallata / Closure: Vinolok Terra

Bottle: Phoenix / Closure: Vinolok Loft

Bottle: Origin Lines / Closure: Vinolok Deco

Bottle: Bordelaise Eclat / Closure: Vinolok Classic

Bottle: Malice Drapée / Closure: Vinolok Rosé

Bottle: Ren Cru / Closure: Vinolok Classic

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What is Vinolok glass closure?

More and more winemakers and spirits producers choose Vinolok over other types of closures.

A closure that has absolutly no impact on aroma and flavour of the liquid

A closure that is fully recyclable, made in a sustainable fashion

A closure that makes your brand or product unique and unforgettable

A closure that is easy to open and close without the need of cork screw


Vinolok Bottles is a catalogue of bottles compatible with Vinolok glass closure.

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